Shoes and boots for dogs

Even though dogs have built-in paw pads, they weren’t designed to deal with modern paw hazards like hot asphalt, tar, ice melt, and broken glass. You can find hazards for your pet’s paws even in suburbia – hot sidewalks, lawn chemicals, lawn edging, and even hot synthetic lawns! Dog boots and shoes protect your pooch’s paws from the elements when he or she explores the great outdoors with you.

In places like dog parks, dog shows, etc., dog shoes and boots can also reduce the spread of certain diseases. Itchy, cracked paws can be caused by grass and pollen allergies, so dog boots, dog sandals, and dog shoes can be a lifesaver. Disposable dog booties protect your dog from the elements while keeping dirt and debris out. By preventing excessive licking, chewing, and offering a barrier against dirt and germs, our dog wound boots and socks help dogs heal faster. In addition to protecting your dog’s paws, dog boots can also protect your home. Your pet no longer has to track dirt and mud all over your freshly-mopped floors.

Outdoor paw protection options are available for every climate. Suitable for hot or cold weather conditions, Suligov Fleece Lined Boots feature breathable waterproof fabric. Suligov dog boots provide high traction on varied terrain with added protection against extreme environments. The anti-slip traction soles of Suligov dog socks will prevent your pup from slipping and sliding. Additionally, there are many options for indoor dog footwear for senior dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia. Suligov’s anti-slip dog socks and booties provide better footing on slippery surfaces such as wood floors, tiles, and stones. It is also possible to protect disabled pets’ paws from friction burns with dog slippers and anti-slip dog socks.

Our dog boots, booties, socks, and slippers will make you wonder how you ever managed without them! Dog shoes are just plain fashionable, too!

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