For pets, we have bowls and feeders

There is no doubt that our pets would love us to believe that every meal is the most important meal of the day. Finally, there is an easy way to let them know you agree! Whether they’re eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our modern dog bowl stand will have them fine-dining like kings and queens!

Any breed of dog will be able to use one of our dog feeders, which come in a range of sizes. The feeders are therefore ideal for cats as well! Your pet’s food will be elevated from the ground, offering an ergonomically correct eating position as well as supporting their posture and digestion as they enjoy their meal – we can’t guarantee they won’t ask for dessert!

Choosing a color that matches your pet’s personality is easy with our modern dog bowl selection. The feeder stands are made of strong and durable clear acrylic, and you can choose from ornamental gold and silver bowls or opaque colored acrylics that add a pop of color! If you wish, you can even add brass metal feet to the dog feeder for an extra touch of glam. These designs also look great on any type of kitchen flooring, whether it’s wooden, tiled, or linoleum.

When you are feeding your dog or cat, you can make a mess if you have the wrong bowls. You’ll find everything you need for your furry little friends at Suligov! You’ll find plenty of options to meet your needs here, whether you’re looking for a dog bowl for home or one you can take with you on the go. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for food bowls, water dishes, or automatic dispensers!


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