Pet grooming tools

Both mobile and brick-and-mortar grooming businesses are growing faster than the US economy in general these days.Adding dog grooming equipment to any business or home can ease growing pains, which is why Suligov is here to help.In the long run, investing in good quality grooming equipment will save you money, as durability and ergonomics influence how long and how well it can be used.From portable folding tables to electric and hydraulic models, we stock a wide range of grooming equipment.Multiple sizes and shapes are available for our grooming tubs, including stainless steel, electric lift, and plastic models.

It is important to keep certain things in mind when trimming your dog’s hair. Before you begin clipping, brush your dog thoroughly with a dog brush. It is also a good idea to take a bath before clipping. Using dog trimmers or dog scissors, you can cut off any tangles in your dog’s fur that are impossible to break free. Slowly work the knot away from your pup while being careful not to clip his skin. Choose the proper blade guard for your dog’s fur length before clipping. To avoid pulling your dog’s fur or leaving unsightly lines, trim slowly. Keep the fur’s natural growth pattern in mind when trimming. Consider purchasing a dog grooming table to avoid sudden movements while trimming your dog. Dog scissors are best for grooming around the face, ears, and paws. Dog scissors and other grooming products are extremely sharp and unprotected, so restrain your dog securely while using them. To remove all the stray fur you’ve clipped, give your dog another rinse-off after you’re finished. For that groomer-fresh look, cut a triangle-shaped dog bandana from fabric and tie it loosely around your dog’s neck. A quick spritz of dog deodorizer spray or even dry dog shampoo will give your dog a groomer-fresh smell. Shop Suligov’s online pet store for great deals on dog food, dog treats, and even dog beds!

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