This airline-approved pet carrier is spacious and comfortable for small furbabies. The soft and cozy interior of this bag provides a great place for your furry friend to snuggle when you’re not at home. In addition to the ventilation holes on either side of the bag, there is a mesh layer on the opening flap, which provides your pet with plenty of fresh air and visibility when they’re out and about.

The wide opening allows you to easily place your pet inside the bag, while the zipper fastening ensures their safety. Designed with a springy wire frame and soft-sided carrier material, it fits under the seats of major airlines. It can also be used when traveling by car as the safety belt buckles allow it to be restrained with the seat belt of the vehicle.

Designed to make pet-parenting easier and more enjoyable, the Suligov soft travel bag for dogs and cats is a must-have travel necessity. In addition to superior features and pet-friendly designs, this practical dog carry bag is made with durability, comfort, and longevity in mind. Ensures that liquids are not spilled accidentally. There is a large double-sided mesh cover that provides stress-free visibility. Ventilation and breathability are provided by both sides of the airing holes. Bump protection is provided by the padded bottom. A secure zippered closure ensures easy entry and exit. The collapsible design makes it easy to store in a discreet place. The adjustable, padded, supportive carrying strap facilitates optimal load distribution, allowing daily use without sacrificing comfort. With our puppy travel bag, you can focus on taking care of everything else while our puppy travel bag does all the heavy lifting. The puppy and kitten carrier is designed with functionality in mind. Premium materials and quality craftsmanship are combined in a stylish ergonomic capsule form to create a head-turning look. Provides a helpful solution for a wide range of travel needs. A great travel carrier for cats and dogs when traveling by airline, as a lightweight, soft cat carrier when traveling by car, or as a cozy travel carrier for cats and dogs if you’re taking a long walk in the city.


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