At Pet Shed, we offer a variety of dog fences and other containment aids for owners to control their pets at home and in the great outdoors. A variety of sizes are available for pet fences, from spacious pens for large breeds to compact designs for small breeds. Dog fences are easy to set up, portable and strong, giving you peace of mind that your pet is protected and under control. Due to their effective design and level of comfort, dog fences are a top choice of breeders who show their animals. Cable and stake combinations are another option to consider for outdoor use. A stake is attached to one end of a durable cable. Stakes are buried in the ground, while cables are attached to dog collars. Camping or in your backyard, this type of restraint allows pets to move around.

A dog or pet gate will allow you to set boundaries wherever necessary, whether it’s keeping pets out of certain areas of the house, such as upstairs, or keeping children and animals separate.

Puppies can benefit from a puppy gate for training, as can older dogs if there are certain parts of the house they cannot access.Additionally, they are useful if you have children who may be nervous around dogs or who could potentially be injured by one.

You can also use pet gates if you have multiple animals in your home that need to be kept apart.We also carry stair gates with cat flaps so your feline friends can roam freely inside and outside while keeping your pet dog safe.

When training a puppy, dog gates are useful because they teach boundaries and dominance to young puppies.In addition, they prevent teething puppies from chewing anything you don’t want chewed!

You can install dog and puppy gates using either pressure-fit or screw-in fixings, depending on your needs.Easy to set up, they provide a strong, sturdy barrier in all areas of your home.

Safetots offers pet gate extensions if the width of your door frame or staircase is too narrow for your dog stair gate.

You may need a large pet gate depending on the size of your dog.Safetots pet gates come in a variety of sizes, including extra tall pet gates that prevent pets from jumping over them.If you wish to confine your pet to one area, Safetots also offers pet pens.

We offer stair gates for dogs that fit in any space.Pet gates with pressure fittings can be moved and placed in other areas of the house, but if you wish to move a screw fit gate, you will need to drill holes in the wall.Our retractable stair gates can be fully rolled back when not in use, making them nearly invisible.

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