Bathrobes & Towels for Pets

Wet dog trails and muddy paw prints can be prevented with this pet towel, which wicks moisture (and dirt) away from your pets’ fur. Your pet can enjoy the same level of luxury and comfort as you with this ultra-absorbent towel.

There are pet bathrobes available for dogs

Dog bathrobes keep your pets warm and protected at the same time. Warm, breathable, absorbent polyester dog bathrobes can keep your furry pals warm and protected all winter long! A polyester dog bathrobe with absorbency is a great option for customers who want to keep their furry pets warm and protected. Furthermore, these lightweight, absorbent polyester dog bathrobes keep your fur both warm and protected!

Provide your customers with a variety of bathing robes for pets to keep their fur dry and to protect their hair while they are in the shower. By using these dog bathing robes, they can keep their furry companions dry and comfortable.

If your dog’s coat is not properly dried after a bath or shower, is he or she at risk of getting a cold?

You just bathed your dog or cat. Once they are completely dry, you can wrap them in a lush towel.

Soft Pet Bathrobes are super absorbent and quick drying. You can use the towel to dry your pet’s fur, or you can use it as a coat or bathrobe to keep your pet warm.

The 400G microfiber absorbs water quickly and is of upgraded quality. On a wet day, this helps save time drying your furry friend after bathing, swimming, or walking.

The Velcro design makes it easy to put on and take off the cap. A Velcro strap is located on the neck and chest of this product for easy adjustment and a secure fit.

Dog bathrobes with edge binding protect your dog’s skin, making them less wearable and more durable. In the cold weather, keeping your pet warm and cozy is essential.

With this quick-drying dog bathrobe, your pet will feel more comfortable and won’t be afraid to get wet after bathing. After walking in the rain, be sure your pet doesn’t catch a cold or smell.

Easily cared for, the fabric can be machine washed, tumble dried, or sun dried. Different breeds and sizes of cats and dogs can use this product.

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