Toys are thrown by pets

Playing fetch games on walks, in the garden, or at home will keep your dog’s mind engaged, keep their reactions sharp, and keep them fit and active. You can burn off any excess energy your dog has at the end of the day by throwing and fetching toys. There are a variety of fetching dog toys to choose from, including colourful Chuckit! A variety of textures and shapes are available to keep your dog entertained and happy, such as balls and launchers and durable dog frisbees.

Playing fetch and throwing with your dog is a great way for him to exercise and stimulate.Many dogs love them, too – they’re great for bonding between dog and owner, and they satisfy those chasing instincts!Suligov offers a variety of fetch and throw dog toys in all sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.A variety of tennis balls are available, including squeaker balls, rubber balls with holes for stuffing treats, and textured rubber balls with holes.Tennis balls with high bounce and high grip are also available, as are rubber core squeaker balls with googly eyes and plush felt covers.

Would you like to play fetch with me? In addition to tennis balls, footballs, flying discs, and sticks, Suligov carries a great selection of throw dog toys. Whether your dog is small or big, we have the bouncy, squishy, squeaky throw toys he or she will love. With a manual or automatic dog ball launcher, you can rest your arm when their energy lasts longer than yours. The play can continue long after the sun goes down with light-up dog fetch toys.

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