For pets, chew toys are available

Pets may run to your favorite shoes or couch out of boredom, excitement, or frustration. Let them sink their teeth into one of our nifty pet chew toys instead of distracting them! Suligov offers a variety of familiar favorites, such as fetch sticks, tugs, and balls. Additionally, you’ll find some exciting and original chew toys for pets. Soft silicone teethers from Suligov massage your pet’s teeth and gums, exercise the jaw, and loosen baby teeth. Balls, squeakers, and tails are included in KONG’s cute ballistic friends. As a chew toy and toothbrush, marrow bone toys are flavored with beef jerky. Natural rubber and rice husk fibres make BecoThings Bone in vanilla scent a healthy, safe, and ethical toy.

Playing with chew toys is a great way to entertain and relax your pet while also satisfying a natural need. Make sure the chew or teething toy is the right size and chew strength for your pet before purchasing it. Keep an eye out, but have fun. There is something for every pet at Suligov, whether it’s toys, treats, or flea and tick medications.

What is the best way to make a tough chew toy for your pet?

Rubber is generally used in indestructible pet chew toys, which are nontoxic and safe. Chewing toys like these are designed for chewing, not eating. These toys have raised nubs and ridges that clean your pet’s teeth and gums.

Would you be able to recommend some toys for aggressive chewers?

Indestructible, interactive chew toys like Kong can be filled with pet treats, pet food, or frozen. There are many toys that can withstand any stage of chewing, but always buy the right size and chew strength for your pet’s breed and size.

What is the best way to prevent pet from chewing on toys? Teething pet love chewing on toys, which are especially helpful when they are teething. By placing a rubber teething ring in the freezer, pet can get relief from teething, keep busy, and develop their chewing skills.


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