Beds for pets

It is our pleasure to provide high quality and affordable pet supplies and cheap dog beds to our customers. With a good quality bed, your dog or pet will have the comfort and cozy sleep that they need to stay healthy and happy. Our pet beds are not just for dogs – any pet in the house can sleep in them – although whether you can share one with a cat is another matter.

Most pet parents look to dog pillow beds as their first choice. These are essentially large pillows that offer more comfort than a hard floor. While some are flat, others feature bolsters – raised sides that add a layer of cuddling comfort to your pup’s nap. Pet parents and pets love elevated dog beds as well. Metal frames with cot-style designs are featured on these beds. Unlike other beds, these beds don’t have pressure points, making them extremely comfortable for your dog. Additionally, they are great for dogs with hip or joint problems, or breeds prone to them. Elevated beds allow air to flow beneath, which can keep a thick-coated dog cooler. Both indoors and outdoors, they’re perfect. For older dogs with hip, joint, bone and mobility issues, as well as breeds that tend to suffer from these conditions, orthopedic dog beds are the perfect option. As with pillow beds, orthopedic dog beds come either flat or with bolsters for added comfort and security, with super soft, pressure-relieving padding.

You’re sure to find what you need at Suligov, whatever type of dog beds your pooch prefers! Raised dog beds allow air to circulate, reducing odors and bacteria. While small dogs love luxuriously soft cuddler beds, larger breeds may prefer spacious beds with fold-out blankets. You can select from low or high sides, quality memory foam, or even organic pet futons. Invest in replacement covers for your dog’s raised hessian bed or buy a floor mat or cushion – add a furry rug for added warmth. Those dogs who like to escape thunder and lightning might enjoy a ‘storm’ bed with a hooded cover. Water-resistant materials are also available for outdoor beds.


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