A dog-friendly car with a large boot is a good place to start your search. In order to make a car boot dog-friendly, it must have enough room for the dog to sit down, lie down, and turn around. Traveling can make some dogs queasy, so make sure they are as comfortable as possible to avoid having to clean up Spaniel sickness.

There are also practical considerations – some cars have tie-down cargo hooks which can assist in keeping your dog safely restrained in the boot. When you need to stop quickly, you don’t want your dog to get injured, or the driver to get distracted and cause an accident.

With a rear lift gate, your dog can jump in and out of the car more easily; it also makes loading and unloading pet carriers, crates, and kennels more convenient.

A fold-flat seat provides a spacious area for your dog to sit while keeping the seat’s actual surface free of hair or scratches.

It is especially beneficial for large dogs to stretch out in an airy cabin.

The rear cargo-attachment ringlets prevent carriers and crates from sliding.

While driving, a containment barrier/divider prevents your dog from jumping up to the front seat.

Dogs – especially older ones – benefit from low ride heights.

No matter what the weather is like, the rear climate control makes your dog feel cool and comfortable in transit.

You can prevent your dog from hanging its head out the window by having a sunroof that provides fresh air and sunlight.

The underfloor storage makes it easier for your dog to ride comfortably since your things will be out of the way.

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