Clickers & Whistles for Pets

Every dog owner needs some must-have items when going for a walk with their dog. The 2-in-1 Clicker with Lanyard is one of them. The whistle has a frequency of 5000 Hz and is conveniently combined with a clicker. By attaching a clip to your belt or pants, holding it in your hand, or by wearing the adjustable black light lanyard, you can attach it to your belt or pants. It is easy to hear even from a distance, so you can practice commands or reward your dog for a prompt return after the callback whistle by clicking and rewarding them. Because the grey plastic material is durable and resilient to wind and weather, it is also extremely practical and practically indestructible. There are also instructions on how to train included in the packaging.

The features of the dog clicker are as follows: it teaches your pet basic obedience skills as well as advanced movements as you whistle different commands; The dog whistle is perfect for training puppies and young adult dogs.

Dog whistle clicker detail: elastic hand rope design fits comfortably around your wrist, and dog training clickers are not easy to lose; Manage and control your pet without using expensive, painful correction devices.

Pressing the button is easy and the button returns back up right away without getting stuck. There is a good sound, it is not too loud or too soft.

Your dog will respond best to the precise ultrasonic frequency you determine with the clear tone.

Clickers have a wide range of uses, including eliminating unwanted antisocial behavior such as excessive barking.

You can use the clicker to train all sorts of animals, including the dog, the cat, the bird, the chicken, the sheep, and even the mouse.

The dog clickers with wrist strap are well-made and durable, and the metal clicker will not rust or break.

A big, easy-to-click button with a loud sound.

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