This beautiful and durable blanket proves that pets don’t have to sacrifice style. The ivory throw provides a cozy spot for your dog while protecting your furniture, or it can be thrown on one of our Suligov pet beds for an extra layer of warmth. Spread it on the sofa so your pet can sit comfortably anytime, or drape it on the arm of a chair until it’s time to cuddle. Not only does the microvelvet look gorgeous, but it also repels pet hair, dirt, and moisture. After every wash, the breathable fabric gets softer and stays cool in the summer.

Make your dog or cat feel special with an ultra-soft throw blanket. Designed to resemble a mother’s fur coat, our faux fur pet blankets ensure superior comfort and security for your pets. It provides just the right amount of warmth with its lightweight all-over shag.

Everybody loves a cuddle and a snuggle, and we’re sure your dog would agree.With our range of blankets for dogs, you can make your pet feel right at home.Our range of dog blankets comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to keep the whole family warm.Whether it’s a pup, a senior dog, or a human family member, our range of dog blankets is perfect!

There are many uses for pet throw blankets. The blanket can be used for a variety of uses, including a dog blanket for the couch or bed, a car seat cover, a pet crate cover, and as a cat kneading blanket for all those biscuits your cat kneads.

Suligov creates dog-friendly products that are designed to suit your home decor and are easy to maintain. You no longer have to stash your dog bed away when guests come over.

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