Dog Lift Harness

The Suligov Dog Lift Harness is designed to assist older and disabled dogs in walking. To ensure full-body support and great visibility for your dog even at night, we use heavy-duty material and reflective straps. Your dog will be protected and comfortable while wearing the lift harness because it is made from lightweight and breathable material. You can attach a dog leash to the D ring to better control your dog outdoors. To make walking your dog easier, you can use straps or handles. A practical rehabilitation solution for old, disabled, or paralyzed dogs.

We can help you get your best friend back on his feet. No matter whether your dog is a senior, recovering from surgery, or disabled, the Suligov Support Harness will provide the support he needs.

The full body dog harness evenly distributes your dog’s entire weight without straining your back, unlike a front or rear harness. With the lifting leash or the front and rear handles, you can gently help your dog get up or move around without causing him pain.

With its fully padded design, the harness provides comfort for both male and female dogs while making potty breaks convenient. Your pet will be healthy, safe, and happy with Suligov at every stage of its life.

The features

Supports your dog’s entire body by distributing his weight evenly

Handles for easy lifting

A shoulder strap is included in medium and large sizes to reduce back strain

For a perfect fit for you and your dog, there are multiple adjustment points

Male dogs benefit from a removable protection shield that minimizes discomfort

Easy cleanup with a washing machine

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