Snuffle mats for dogs

Pampered pets and their humans will love these enrichment snuffle mats

In our Auckland Snuffle Studio, we hand-craft Snuffle Mats for your pet as enrichment toys.

The interactive snuffle mats are like a gym for your pet. In addition to stimulating your pet’s nose and brain, they also allow them to use their natural foraging instincts in search of their food reward, sniffing and snuffling to find tasty, hidden treats within the fleece fibers and folds, like a game of hide-and-seek, but with tasty rewards.

By creating a challenge for your pet, these fleece puzzle mats also prevent boredom and can help slow down their eating, which can help prevent digestive problems if they tend to eat too quickly.

With these enrichment toys, you can distract, calm, engage, and reward your pet while indoors. Pets can also travel easily with them since they are portable.

This is why dogs and cats enjoy sniffing, snorting, and snuffling activities using their sense of smell.

A dog’s nose work is mentally stimulating, and mental stimulation is just as exhausting as physical exercise. According to some experts, just 10 minutes of dog exercise with a snuffle mat is equivalent to an hour of exercise with a regular exercise mat.

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