Handmade dog leashes for your best friend

If you’re looking for the best leash for dog walking, we’re confident that within our selection, you’ll find the perfect custom dog leash for you and your pet. Whether you’re looking for a leash for a puppy, a leash for a working dog, a leash for obedience training, or a leash to replace your current dog leash, you have a lot of options here.

Take a look at our leash collections and choose the right leash based on how your dog behaves on a leash. Since we have so many dog leash colors, styles, and material options, you won’t have a problem finding a leash to match your dog’s collar or other accessories. For extra visibility in low light conditions, check out our reflective dog leashes and dog collars. Your dog and you will benefit from this layer of safety.

We make the best leashes for dogs

We’ve been making leashes and collars for a long time, and you’ll see the subtle differences in our designs and quality. Choose the color, design, and material that best suits your dog’s behavior. Our custom dog leads will help you communicate better with your dog during training sessions and neighborhood walks.

Investing in a high quality dog leash is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog. Whether you’re taking a leisurely walk with your dog or training in the field, we have leashes for all situations. Choosing a dog leash made by Suligov will be the best leash choice you’ve ever made. We have every style of custom dog lead you need.

There are a variety of materials and styles available for dog leashes

Browse our custom leashes at your leisure. You’ll find the best dog leash in no time. A custom waterproof leash is a must-have for dogs who enjoy romping in lakes, pools, rivers, or the ocean. Our waterproof strap was originally designed for horse team harnesses, so it is extremely durable. Even though it’s tough and waterproof, you’ll love how soft and grippy this leash feels.

Are you looking for a lightweight, tough, and soft dog leash? Nylon leashes are great!

You might need a lighter weight dog leash if you have a small dog. Nylon leashes are still durable and effective, but they are not waterproof or odorproof.

Maybe a nylon rope dog leash is the perfect solution for you. Our rope dog leashes are very stylish, durable, comfortable in your hand, and come in a variety of colors. When out and about, a rope dog leash is convenient to have on hand since it can be rolled up and tucked away in a pocket.

Our leashes are all handmade and extremely strong. If your dog pulls a lot, any of our dog leads will hold up well, feel comfortable in your hand and prevent abrasions.

Turn heads with these leather leashes

If you prefer the classic look and feel of leather and want a personalized nameplate, then a leather leash is what you are looking for. Most dog obedience trainers recommend a good leather leash. Leashes made of leather have a substantial feel, are comfortable in your hand, and also feel slightly different when you correct your dog.

Specialty leashes made to order

Is it possible to walk two dogs at once? Get a double-dog or multi-leash that won’t tangle. Many of our leashes can be personalized with your contact information in case you lose them. Among our specialty leashes are Jaeger Leads, Traffic Leads, Training Tabs, Long Lines, or as they are called in the sporting dog world, Check Cords.

When you choose one of our handmade custom dog leashes, you can select the color and customization you want, and add a matching collar or dog tag as well. Suligov has the best dog leashes!

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