Suits for recovering pets

There is no doubt that pets do not enjoy cones.After undergoing a medical procedure, your pet is already stressed out.Is it really necessary to put a cone on their head that amplifies noise, restricts movement, and interferes with eating?In addition to offering wound treatment and minor incontinence protection, this suit can also be used when the animal is in heat.Pets will enjoy this much more than a cone and it will be much less cumbersome for them.Better yet, this suit reduces the stress your fur baby is already experiencing as a result of being ill or having had a procedure by protecting the problem area from licking, biting, and scratching.Healing the wound faster is made easier by less stress.

The Recovery Suit covers the entire chest and can even be used for nursing pets who need a break from their owners.As a result, you will be able to establish feeding times and train your pets to eat at certain times, giving Mom more time to spend with her family.

A loop for a pet collar is included in this suit, as well as a system to easily hold it up while walking.Soft stretch bands around the front, hind legs, and tail allow better healing and greater freedom for your pet.A longer, soft collar around the neck acts as a protective collar, preventing pets from reaching wounds on their neck or shoulder.

An inner blue lining makes it easier to check for fluid loss, and a sanitary towel can be placed on the blue liner or between the blue liner and suit fabric if fluid loss occurs. An ice pack can also be inserted between the blue liner and suit fabric if swelling occurs.

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